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Remembering My Mother, Mary Hovey

By Andrew Kalitka

      I would like to thank all of the friends and family members who share in the loss of my mother, Mary Hovey. She died on August 5, 2010, in Billings, Montana. A rare blood disorder, thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP), afflicted her shortly after she began a trip to South Dakota and Wyoming. Immediate detection and treatment is critical in improving the survival rate of this rare disorder. Therefore, I suggest that you take a moment to visit a medical web site (click here) to learn about TTP. Also, to visit Mary Hovey’s online obituary, with guestbook, click here.

          A common question people ask me is, “How were you able to visit all of the places you photographed in your books and photo galleries?” My mother, Mary Hovey, was a big part of that. Many of my photographs were taken on trips we took together. In August of 2010, she was traveling with me (and my sister’s children) when her health failed very rapidly.

          Mary Hovey was a wonderful mother. Words would fail me if I tried to express how wonderful she was.


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